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Positive Change


" If you are looking to make a positive change in your life, I would highly recommend connecting with Sara Mayer. Her guidance and advice has encouraged me to be more thoughtful in my daily planning. I no longer say I don't have time for that. If the task is important to me, I find a way to add it to my schedule through better planning and organization. Thank you Sara!" Shelly Myers

Become More Productive


"Sara does a phenomenal job with one on one coaching and through her workshops. She has facilitated leadership training's for my organization to help future leaders not only conceptualize their goals but to execute them. Her coaching and program style can help any person or organization become more productive when achieving milestone or small goals. I highly recommend Sara Mayer Consulting for both individuals and programs." Ericka Nicholes life coach Phoenix Scottsdale

Take Control


"Sara’s advice helped me to take control of my time and be more productive. I am proud to say that by following her recommendations I am on track to achieve all of the goals I set for 2018. Her workshop provided me with the tools to stay organized and focused. Thank you Sara!" Michele Bichko

Get Motivated


"I have known Sara Mayer for 8 years now. She hired me at 18 years old, at my first corporate job. From day one she has been a motivational figure in my life. Being on her team was not easy, she has high expectations. Although everyday you came home from work feeling motivated to work harder and to push yourself. She always has a personal story, that let’s you know she’s human. I think that’s what makes Sara the most successful is she never forgets where she came from and the people in her that that shaped her. Recently in my life I have had a tornado of unfortunate events. Sara’s no nonsense attitude and common sense, has helped to pull me out of my emotional despair and strait to my goals! You have two choices in life you can be a victim or a doer. And Sara helped to remind me that I am a Mother, a Strong Woman and a DOER!! Let’s do it baby!" Madison Sarager

Focus on Goals


" Sara provided me with practical and useful tools to better organize my day. She also helped me to focus on goals - both big and small. With her guidance I am on a better path towards making positive change in my life and career. Sara is thoughtful, patient, and straightforward. She really listens to you and tailors her advice to your specific needs. If you need a push in the right direction, I recommend trusting Sara to give you a hand. " Kim Ogletree

Find your Direction


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